Burt Lake Trail  Trail Committee

Trail Committee

Trail Committee members: Gene Hodulik - Chair, Margie Reh (Top O' Michigan Trails Council),  Mac Richardson, Dennis Dombrowski (Mullett Twp), Dale Covy (Munro Twp), Virginia Chenevere, Paul Janness, Gary Street, Katie Parker, Bert Ebbers. 

Burt Lake Trail Update September 2020    

Great News! The Burt Lake Trail Phase II section was completed the end of May 2020.   This section of trail , 1.8 miles long, is a paved , separated trail from where Phase I ends on West Burt Lake Road near Hogsback Road and weaves through University of Michigan Biological Station property just south and parallel to  Riggsville Road, including the “Gorge”  and ending on East Burt Lake Road. This section was paid for by the 2 grants from MDOT and Trust Fund, with a match of over $50,000 raised through private donations.  Working with Karie Slavik, Assistant Director of the UM Biological Station, a gifted easement from UM was obtained. There was no township tax money used to build this section of trail.

It has been a long journey to this point, as Phase I (5.1 miles) was completed in August 2013.  The Trail Committee has endured many obstacles and of course learned what is out of our control and what we can manage. This experience has helped us with  phase III of the trail which continues through the UM Biological Center, which is already under way.    With the experienced assistance of OHM ADVISORS engineering firm in Petoskey, grants were submitted to MDOT/TAP and the DNR Trust Fund and we have been awarded the grants for scheduled construction in 2021.  Currently, Huron Engineering of Alpena has been hired to complete all pre-engineering.   This phase III is the “gap” to connect all of East Burt Lake Road from Riggsville Road to Hoppies. 

Phase IV, 1.5 miles of East Burt Lake Road from Birchwood Rd. to Hoppies Restaurant has just been reconstructed, completed in August, with extended 5 foot shoulders. This 1.5 mile stretch has over 50 homes with many walkers, joggers, bikers from May to October. In addition, people from Greenman’s Point, Feather Lane, and White Goose also use this section of trail shoulders. 

Both Phase IV and Phase V (Mullett-Burt Road, 1.5 miles, with extended 5 foot shoulders completed in 2017), have been completed with wonderful cooperation working with Brent Shank, Cheboygan County Road Commission Manager/Engineer.

So our emphasis is on Phase III, which will complete the trail from Maple Bay on the west side to the intersection of Mullett-Burt Road (Phase V), and Topinabee Mail Route Road on the east side. 

We have had great co-operation with the Cheboygan County Road Commission, not only with the new sections of trail, but also with the continued maintenance of the Phase I of the trail.  The volunteer maintenance group does a wonderful job keeping the trail in top shape.  There is in place a 5 year plan to blacktop certain areas of the trail which have problems usually caused by washouts. This year the trail from Maple Bay Road to the already paved hill heading east approximately 425 feet in length was paved. This will provide a paved stretch of trail from Maple Bay all the way to the intersection of Mundt Rd/West Burt Lake Rd intersection, except where it is way off-road through the woods.

We continue to have vehicles parking on the trail along West Burt Lake Road especially lawn service providers and construction vehicles.  Please have you lawn service and other contractors park on the other side of the road or in your long  driveways.

The committee is always looking for new energetic members to help make the trail a reality. The big push now is to get matching money and complete Phase III next summer. If interested, please contact Gene Hodulik at 238-8824 or ehodu@RACC2000.com, or any committee member.  Donations are welcome.  Send to Top of Michigan Trails Council, Burt Lake Trail (be sure to designate Burt Lake Trail on your check), 1687 M-119, Petoskey Mi, 49770