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Internet Update

Burt Township Internet Update                                 Fall 2021

There has been no word from Spectrum on a potential broadband project on the west side of the township.  It can be presumed that this build was not approved Spectrum corporate.  The reason for the rebuff to the original proposal could be attributed what’s happening with CenturyLink and the existing DSL lines on the west side.

Michigan is on the list of CenturyLink’s existing copper/DSL infrastructure being sold off to private equity firm Apollo Global Management.  This should happen later in 2022.  Where and when Apollo decides to add fiberoptic upgrades is TBD.  More should be known once the sale is complete, but the good news is that Apollo will be focusing on rural communities that have been denied fiber to this point (Like Burt Township).  Link to article

The upstart satellite service remains a current viable option for township residents.  Speeds are impressive but with a high initial $500 equipment cost and monthly service cost of $100.  Order StarLink

A letter was sent to the CEO asking about potential plans to expand broadband coverage and letting him know that a larger part of the Township would be interested in being part of their network in the future if the interest is mutual.  Jeff Lawson and Sue Buitenhuis from Cheboygan county were CC’d.