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See Our Sunsets
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And Our Seasons

Welcome to Burt Township

Burt Township is located on the western border of Cheboygan County, which is situated in the north central part of northern Michigan's lower peninsula. While technically Burt Township is one standard geographic township in area, slightly more than half of the Township is water (Burt Lake).

Burt Township History

Burt Township takes its name from Burt Lake, which in turn was named after state surveyor William Burt. The lake is part of an important inland water route, stretching from Crooked Lake and Conway (nine miles from Petoskey) in the south to Lake Huron in the north via the mouth of the Cheboygan River. Native Americans used the route prior to European settlement and it was heavily used for commercial transportation of logs in the second half of the 1800s.

In the last two decades of the nineteenth century, the Michigan Central Railroad and the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad laid track through to Cheboygan, leading to the foundation of many villages, including that of Burt Lake. About the time lumbering was slowing down, the resort business began to build in the area, creating the beginnings of the seasonal tourist industry still important today. The water route is still in use and frequented by many small pleasure craft.


Photos Needed!

Dear Residents, we are in the process of updating the Burt Township Recreation Plan for 2022 and we would like your participation!  Specifically, we are looking for photos to include depicting fun and recreation within the Township (i.e swimming, boating, biking, etc).  Submissions should consist of pictures you have taken yourself and for which you expressly give permission for use within the 2022 Rec Plan publication.
If you have any images that you would like to submit, or if you have questions, please email them to   If you plan to submit a photo, we ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines:
·        Image quality should be 300 DPI or higher
·        No commercial or copyrighted images
·        You must have written permission from any individuals identifiable in the photos other than yourself
·        No photos depicting drug/alcohol use
·        Please include your full name and phone number, along with the location and a brief description of the photo you are submitting
·        Photo submissions are not necessarily assured utilization in the Rec Plan. 
Thank you in advance for your participation and have a wonderful summer!   

High Speed Internet is coming to the Township's west side

Spectrum will be connecting broadband to the west side of the Township. The plan is to begin the install in early May 2022. The proposed project will bring cable down Brutus Rd. from US 31 and service from Maple Bay State Park (i.e. Chickagami, Indian Point) all the way up the western lake shore to the last residence on W. Burt Lake Rd. The project manager estimates that residents in the project zone should have service by the end of the summer. The hybrid cable/fiber will include ALL Spectrum services including TV (if residents choose to add that service). Spectrum will be sending a mailer in the weeks ahead to let people know more details.

There are a couple of projects also being studied on the east side and those plans are TBD. The project manager indicated he is under a lot of pressure to get the western segment completed first. I will continue to inquire as to what the east side plans ultimately are. This is a positive first step in getting high speed service for all of our residents. -Allen Kozlowski